Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That can't be good

Brodi and I have been fans of John Stewart and the Daily Show for a long time. On a visit to New York over 5 years ago, we were guests at the show. Too bad, the camera never showed us even though we tried to get noticed by laughing extra hard and wearing big hats and clown shoes.

So tonight, I am enjoying a frosty beverage of my choosing (Diet Pepsi Vanilla...all out of Tab tonight--talk about a tragedy!) when Stewart made a funny. Before I could even think about it, I bust out laughing, spewing precious Diet Pepsi Vanilla all over my laptop keyboard. Now, from the image, it is hard to see it, but trust me, there is liquid all over the keyboard. As of yet, the laptop has yet to short out.

Good for me. I am in no mood to buy another keyboard. Curse you John Stewart and your liberal humor.

1 comment:

The Dennis Ashton Family said...

Friends don't let friends drink and watch Jon Stewart. I should have been there for you.