Monday, September 1, 2008

Back in the Swing of things

Well, I am back playing tennis and yes, the title of my post is a bad pun. I grew up playing tennis and played 5-10 hours a week from age 6 until I was 15. I played in all of the tourneys. But, then high school hit and I switched to basketball (I realized that more people would watch me play hoops than tennis...yes, I loved bigger crowds and yes, I know that is pathetic) and only played tennis during the spring for West High.

Now, after a 15-year layoff (I played sparingly over the years), I have been active again. I go out and hit with a friend of mine and top tennis player, Brandon Owen, a couple of times a week and hit with my wonderful wife (you may remember her, she is a tournament champion) at night occasionally.

There were several things that I had to do...Buy new rackets. For some reason, my 20+ year old rackets were no good anymore, so I went out and bought 2 new ones. My 2 rackets though quickly become 1 racket as Brodi stole one of them from me. So, I had to go out and buy another one. I also had to buy new tennis balls as the old ones had so little bounce that they seemed to imbed themselves into the ground when I bounced them.

I finally entered a tourney and played in it at the end of last week and over the weekend. I entered the 4.5 singles and I played the #3 seed to start it all off. He won the first set and we battled it out in the second set. I held off a match point and took the second set and eventually won the match 1-6, 7-5, 6-3. It was nearly a 3-hour match. The match was in Park City and I rushed home in time to puke several times that night. Yes, spewing out everything in my belly. I weighed myself the next morning and I had lost 4 pounds. Pretty brutal. I then played in the quarters and won that match 6-3, 6-3. I was now in the semis and I played a teaching pro from the SportsMall. I played OK, but could not get over the hump and lost 6-2, 6-3.

Rod J. Schmidt (1) Sandy, UT

Binh K. Huynh Murray, UT

George C. Lukes Salt Lake Cty, UT

Steven P. Ferris Anaheim, CA

Kevin M. Smith (3) Clearfield, UT

Sam Johnson Salt Lake City,

Brian T. Van Hecke Park City, UT

Scott C. Rockwood Salt Lake Cty,

Alex M. Venegas Provo, UT

Schuyler S. Mastain Park City, UT

Peerapong Aramvareekul Salt Lake City, UT

Don Droubay (4) Salt Lake City, UT

Andrew S. Pearlstein Park City, UT

Christopher S. Bruerton West Jordan, UT

Len Bowes Salt Lake City, UT

Jason H. Grant (2) Salt Lake City, UT
B. Huynh
6-2; 6-1

G. Lukes
Wd (emerg)
S. Johnson
1-6; 7-5; 6-3

S. Rockwood
6-2; 6-1
S. Mastain
6-0; 6-2

D. Droubay (4)
6-0; 2-6; 6-3
A. Pearlstein
6-3; 6-4

J. Grant (2)
6-4; 6-7; 6-1
B. Huynh
6-1; 6-1

S. Johnson
6-3; 6-3
S. Mastain
6-1; 6-2

J. Grant (2)
6-1; 6-1
B. Huynh
6-2; 6-3

J. Grant (2)

6-7; 6-4; 6-3
J. Grant (2)
3-6; 6-3; 6-3

It is good to be back playing and I am having a lot of fun even if there is an occasional throw up after my matches.


Brook said...

Sammie you are the bomb! ah, the days of yester year watching you rough up the old east siders. Oops you are now one of them, ah who am I kidding we all are. congrates on the tourney. Are you looking for a short somewhat portly rotound fellow to help you get back you back hand? If so call.

jamkmb said...

Sam what tourney was it? I used to play all the tourns when we lived in SLC and loved it. Of course I was nowhere near the 4.5s, but then, they're all elitist, snooty, "you're not worthy to wipe the tennis ball fuzz from my racket strings" types, so have fun with that. Just be glad you didn't have to play Jason Grant, that could hurt!

samandbrodi said...

It was the Park City Homes Open. Yeah, I talked with Jason during the tourney about the possibility of meeting in the finals...I just couldn't get over the hump in my semi match...the other guy just kept me off balance enough and it was tough to get in a rhythm....oh well, maybe I'll get a shot at him next tourney.

Aunt Sissy (Alissa) said...

Way to go Sam! First tourney and 2 boys down! They didn't see you comin'. Look forward to watching you at the Cottonwood Club. I bet you'll take the cake! Brodi and I will be their sipping our selzer watera with our minks over our right shoulders, watching at the Friday night player party. Go Sam Go! Go Sam Go! Go Sam Go...Brandon will put in his 2 cents too!

Anonymous said...

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