Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some quick family tidbits

We had a conversation with Carter on being alive (don't ask). Carter went on to inform us that trees are not alive because they don't have mouths, ears, eyes or fingers. We then discussed how a house is not alive, but as we discussed that, we opened the garage door--which Carter quickly informed us that the garage is the mouth, so obviously, a house is alive.

This past weekend, we had a nice dinner at my sister Emily's house. Great food and great company. Brodi and I even brought a cheesecake for everyone to enjoy. We still had a good third of the cheesecake left which I was either going to eat or take into the office (3 pieces of cheesecake is enough for a day, I think). So, being the smart parent that I am, I put the cheesecake down on the car floor below Beckham. He was not strapped in to the carseat as of yet and shockingly enough, he decided to get down from his carseat. Though he doesn't weigh much, he weighs enough that when he steps in a cheesecake, he smushes it. If that picture of the smushed cheesecake is not the saddest thing you have ever seen, then I don't know what is.

Carter loves kindergarten and told Brodi that "I want to stay in kindergarten forever.'

We were talking to Carter and we started laughing and he quickly informed us to stop laughing at him. We explained that we were laughing with him, not at him. He then remarked that Indiana Jones does not laugh at him or with him. To be honest, I did not expect Indiana Jones to be a part of that conversation.

Beckham is our little puker. Yes, our little puker. At least once a month, after a car ride and usually after a ride where he is reading in the car or distracted by watching Carter or doing something, we will stop the car and get out. He will start walking away from the car, pause, puke and then keep on walking. Thats my boy. Carter never gets carsick...Beckham, on the other hand, follows after his daddy.


shellie said...

okay that picture made my eyes tear up a little. then it reminded me of the episode of friends where chandler and rachel at the cheesecake off the floor.

Aunt Sissy (Alissa) said...

You are too entertaining! Brandon's been going on and on about how good you're getting and how much fun it is to hit with you! Thanks for providing his entertainment! Alis