Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My friends call me...

All growing up, I wanted a cool nickname. Never really found one. I did ask my mom when I was about 6 to call me 'Tom'...that lasted about a day.

When I was in 8th grade though, I finally got my chance to start new. We were moving back to Salt Lake City. Now was my opportunity to pick out a cool nickname and use it among the new people of SLC. Great names like Thunder, Cool Hand Luke, Bitchin' and Thor were all weighed in my mind to how cool it would be.
I wanted a nickname that the girls would think was hot and the guys would think was rad. I finally settled on an exciting and cool nickname: Ace.

So, I would introduce myself as 'Sam, but my friends call me Ace.' Seriously, that was the name that I picked out. I would go around and be Ace. Ace Johnson. Well, that didn't last too long. First off, nobody would call me Ace and I decided against ignoring anyone that did not call me Ace. It slowly faded away or in better words, it never faded away because it never started. I did come up with considerably less cool 'nicknames' like Sammy which some of my girl friends call me. Let me just say, Sammy is not a bad name, but nobody thinks its cool.

But now, you too can come up with a cool nickname based on your favorite movie, sport or tv show. Here is what it came up with for me:

Seakul Loyalar
--A D&D Character name generator (

Sam Ramone--the Ramones Name Generator: Sam Ramone (

Cap'n Javier Snaggletooth--Pirate Name Generator: (

Chairman Mao--Sawyer, from the tv show 'Lost', nickname generator (

Sweetums Chocolate Kisses-Pookie pie--Lover's nickname generator: (

Sam Droolin' Johnson--NBA Player nickname generator (

Lili, King of Durins Folk--Lord of the Rings Nickname (

Johsa Pesal of the Planet Cialis--Star Wars name generator: (


shell said...

I like Sam Ramone. It sounds so Italian.

Like you could say "I'm Sam Ramone... but my friends call me the Italian Stallion"

just a thought

Nif said...

See...I have a cool nickname.

Tricia said...

Hmmm....I think I'll stick with Sammy! =)