Friday, September 12, 2008

Football star

So, I am walking through a Rite Aid and I see the clearance bins and decided to take a peek...and my heart was filled with joy! My old football game. Normally $15 which would be an UNBELIEVABLE deal, but it was marked down and I grabbed one on sale for only $4. On top of that, I found another one, so I grabbed it too just in case the first one were to ever break after hours spent playing on it.

I used to spend many days sitting on a Saturday afternoon watching college football with this handy little game on my lap as I kicked butt. The stupid little game computer COULD NOT HANDLE MY SKILLZZZZ! And now, I get to step back in time and kick more computer butt! Brodi does not know what she is in for...who cares about Playstation 3 or the xbox when you have a crummy little atari-like football game to keep you entertained until late in the night. Life is good.

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Shellie said...

Hey Sam thanks for the great "Hot Gary" links. They got stuck for a couple of days in a spam comment folder because of the links. So i just got to see them.

LOL! I SERIOUSLY WAS CRYING when I saw Gary the accordian player. You so proved me wrong. Now the universe will grant you anything your heart desires!