Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sweet porta potties

I walked by this house the other day where a porta-potty was being installed. Seriously, is this the strangest name for a porta-potty company, 'Honey Bucket.' Egads. That is a bad visual all around.

I can just picture someone explaining who they work for:
Employee: Yeah, I work for Honey Bucket.
Friend: Cool, you guys sell honey?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: You sell something sweet, like candy?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: You sell cute little containers or buckets?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: Oh, what do you sell?
Employee: We sell and maintain porta potties.
Friend: Oh, uhm, why is your company called 'Honey Bucket?'
Employee: I have absolutely no idea.

I guess the founder was a smart guy. It gets people talking about porta potties.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Becks gets his first car

Becks is our rascal. He still is not our most talkative kid, but he has a HUGE personality. A few weeks ago, Becks' kindergarten class at school was tasked with making a car out of a cardboard box and having that car represent a state. Becks' car got Florida. So, lets just say - he did not do a thing to build that car. That was all Brodi. My job was to make sure that Becks did not ruin it (by taking it outside and 'driving' it) before he took it to school. It made it. He was very proud of it.

It was also crazy hair day at the school. Carter with the fauxhawk and you can tell he is loving it. You can't really see Becks' hair, but he has a ponytail coming out of the top of it, kind of like a palm tree. He loved it. If we would let him, he would do his hair that way every day.