Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Becks gets his first car

Becks is our rascal. He still is not our most talkative kid, but he has a HUGE personality. A few weeks ago, Becks' kindergarten class at school was tasked with making a car out of a cardboard box and having that car represent a state. Becks' car got Florida. So, lets just say - he did not do a thing to build that car. That was all Brodi. My job was to make sure that Becks did not ruin it (by taking it outside and 'driving' it) before he took it to school. It made it. He was very proud of it.

It was also crazy hair day at the school. Carter with the fauxhawk and you can tell he is loving it. You can't really see Becks' hair, but he has a ponytail coming out of the top of it, kind of like a palm tree. He loved it. If we would let him, he would do his hair that way every day.


Chelsea said...

Haha, that's so cute. He looks proud. My sister, Jade, lives in Utah and her kindergartener boy also had this assignment. She went the extra mile by putting tinfoil around his wheels, etc., and when she got there she realized that actually she did NOT go the extra mile. One mom made her son's car so big he couldn't fit through the door! All the kids were jealous at first, but not being able to fit through the door is just a shame.

samandbrodi said...

I can see them partying inside and the little kid just sitting outside the room in his big car, with tears in his eyes. Thats kind of funny, in a not funny way.