Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sweet porta potties

I walked by this house the other day where a porta-potty was being installed. Seriously, is this the strangest name for a porta-potty company, 'Honey Bucket.' Egads. That is a bad visual all around.

I can just picture someone explaining who they work for:
Employee: Yeah, I work for Honey Bucket.
Friend: Cool, you guys sell honey?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: You sell something sweet, like candy?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: You sell cute little containers or buckets?
Employee: Uh, no.
Friend: Oh, what do you sell?
Employee: We sell and maintain porta potties.
Friend: Oh, uhm, why is your company called 'Honey Bucket?'
Employee: I have absolutely no idea.

I guess the founder was a smart guy. It gets people talking about porta potties.

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Chelsea said...

Totally had this thought before. So bad.