Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carter rocks the 5K

Carter is our runner. He itches to always be out running. Wherever we go, he asks to stop the car so that he can run the rest of the way. He runs at school, He runs in our neighborhood. For the past 6 months, he has begged us to sign him up for a 5K. Well, we finally found one. Thanks to my sister and her family for pointing out the local High School 5K run. Carter got to run with his cousins during the race as well. (on the right)

We signed up Carter and showed up. 80+ kids were there and all were high school and junior high school kids. He is 9 years old and he was the youngest by 4 years, but he was 6 years younger than most of them. My cute niece E announced the race and paid special recognition to Carter (see by the pic on the right with Carter waving to everyone when he was announced). He thought he was some kind of rockstar when he heard his name, like he was thinking 'Thank you everyone for coming to watch me run this race.'

The race started and Carter blasted out of the race...running fast. After the first lap, I told him to slow down and be steady, he didn't listen to me and didn't need to. After a few laps, they ran around the school and neighborhood and I ran with him and I will be honest, I couldn't really keep up with him. He was amazing and fast.

He finished in 13th place and ran the race in 25 minutes and 43 seconds. Are you kidding me? He was running it in just over 8 minutes a mile. He told us after the race, 'Not bad for a 9 year old, huh?' That evening, he ran another half mile to his grandma's house.

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kristilee said...

GO CARTER!! Very impressive!