Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elementary School? That is crazy talk

Carter started Kindergarten. That is seriously crazy. We are in a bit of shock that he is now 5.5 years old and that he is, as he continually tells us, "a big boy that can do things only a big boy can do."

I will say that it was cool that he let us actually take him into his classroom on his first day. But to be honest, he didn't have much of a choice...we were coming in with or without his permission.


Tricia said...

HUGE day! I still can't believe our kids started Kindergarten...that IS crazy talk! =)

Spencer Five said...

We are loving having a first grader this year. But I'm already dreading the first day of kinder for Charlie next year. I can't talk about it, I'm already tearing up.

kristilee said...

Carter in Kindergarten? Where does the time go? Our babies are growing up. Good luck this year Carter!!!
By the way, I'm totally jealous of you guys playing tennis...I, like you Sam, have my high school racket and have used it about 3 times since high school. I love hearing about your tournaments. Go team BroSam.