Wednesday, September 10, 2008

50 years and going strong

Happy 50th Anniversary to my parents. 50 years. Crazy. They are amazing parents and their relationship has always been a terrific one.

We had the whole family in town to celebrate the past 50 years. My mom and dad and us kids and spouses stayed up in Midway at the Homestead and had a great dinner at the BoarHead Inn, played a great round of golf in the morning and had a nice time hanging out.

It has been rare to have us all in town together at the same time over the years because various family members living in Chicago, Washington DC, London, Boston, etc. so it was a lot of fun to have us all here.

Some of the interesting notes from the past 50 years:
  • 6 wonderful (its my blog so I will use the term wonderful to describe us) kids (3 boys and 3 girls...I am the youngest and I used to imagine we were the Brady Bunch)
  • Countless moves from Boston to Indianapolis to Bountiful (eek!) to Salt Lake City.
  • 27 grandchildren (19 girls and 8 boys)
  • Thousands of Sunday dinners. It has to be in the thousands, doesn't it? Let me tell you, their good sized home gets to be feeling small with some adults and kids running around each Sunday.
Anyway, we are lucky to both have good families on each side and it gives us a goal to stay married (I know that I am probably pretty difficult to put up with) for the next 40 years.


Janae said...

Wow 50 years pretty impressive! that is a pretty good goal to stay married, Brodi does a good job putting up with you:)

jamkmb said...

50 years...yeah, yeah. But more importantly, Sam, have you lost some weight?!

kristilee said...

Congrats to your parents!! And why the eek after got a problem with Bountiful Sam?

samandbrodi said...

Janae--yes, it says a lot about how much of a saint Brodi is for staying with me for 10 years. That reason alone, she deserves a medal.

John--yes, I have lost some weight. It was much needed.

Kristi--I love Bountiful and that is all I will say!