Monday, September 15, 2008

creepy clowns and pet petting

My father in law had his company party, so we loaded up the kids in the car and headed to the 'carnival.' It was a nice little setup with good food and different games for the kids.

Then the clown came out. I know that it is cliche for adults to say that clowns are a bit creepy, but seriously, they are. You just have no idea if the man behind the makeup and the attire is just going to snap and do something crazy. This one had bright stringy yellow hair and was named Harry the Hobo...which is better than Harry the homeless man, but still. At the start, he asked the all the kids to: 'raise your hand if you are not here.' Right then, I knew it was going to be a long show.

Surprisingly enough, Carter got a kick out of it all. There were actually some pretty good little tricks where he pulled out a huge duck (Carter is show with his tiger face paint giving a high-five to the duck) and he also pulled a rabbit out of his hat and Beckham had a chance to pet him as well. Hats off to Harry the Hobo for giving a good show even if he was a clown.

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