Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Being Random

Our boy Carter called Brodi, 'mom' yesterday. So what? What's the big deal? Well, considering he hasn't done that in over 2 years, it was noteworthy. It hasn't started a trend though, he promptly called her Brodi a few minutes later. On another note--I think he knows how to say the word 'dad' though I don't think I have actually heard him say it for a long time. When I asked him why he doesn't call me dad, he said simply: 'Your name is Sam.' Good point and hard to argue with that.

Over the past year or so, it seems like every weatherman uses the phrase 'We are experiencing weather.' What? What does that mean exactly? Aren't we always experiencing 'weather?' If it is a nice 65 degree day, aren't we experiencing weather?

Roman Polanski is teaching us all that if you ever decide to rape (statuatory rape or any other form of rape), the best thing to do is to be very talented and be willing to run from the law for several decades. If you do both of those things, many people will say to just forget about the rape and let you move on with your life. Interesting.
**sorry for the political commentary.

2 New very entertaining shows on tv--
**Modern Family--about 3 different individual families (though part of the larger family with a dad and his new wife, and his daughter with her family and his son and his family) who are just going about their lives in odd ways. No laughtrack but that will be supplied by you laughing as you watch.
**Glee--Very entertaining. It can get a bit too sexy at times...and some of the interwoven stories are not favorite but the overall show of a High school glee club is funny and well done.

Is there a better meat than Chicken Wings? Seriously, that is a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only Ribeye steaks could top it.

Enjoy your day, though it may be hard as we are experiencing weather right now.


Shellie said...

"too sexy" lol

this coming from the worlds most metrosexual man?

samandbrodi said...

Shellie--so true, so true. I say it to protect those that might be offended by too much sexiness. Being so metrosexy, I was barely affected.