Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Business Cards: How much are you worth?

Over the years, I have had several different business cards. The ones that I use now are pretty snazzy, good looking cards. The biggest problems that my current card has are:
  • It can fit in a rolodex...not a good thing
  • It does not cost $4 a card
  • It does not have a cool pop-up feature
Basically, my card is crap. This man explains why:
See m


Heather said...

Well, he's right. I would never throw that card away. I would hold onto it just to prove the guy was real. Would I give him my business? Not sure. He spent 25 years designing a business card. Do all his projects take that long?

AltJ said...
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AltJ said...

Heh, you're right it doesn't belong in a Rolodex. I'd copy the info I needed off it to my address book and place it in my roundfile.
(Who uses Rolodexes anymore?)

Brodi Ashton said...

That is one sad little man.

samandbrodi said...

c'mon Heather, a card that great would have to take 25 years old. I have been perfecting the design of my resume for the past 17 years...and it is going to be fantastic when I am done with it.

Michael--you would not write down the info from this business would simply frame it and carry it around everywhere you go just in case you needed to contact him.

Brodi--you are correct, if when you said sad, you really meant visionary.