Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend roundup

This long weekend was crazy but entertaining. From Thursday to Monday, we did/accomplished/perservered the following:
  • Utah's first win of the football season, beating Utah State
  • Kennecott Copper Mine tour--pics and discussion to come soon.
  • The Living Aquarium--pics and discussion to come soon.
  • Ensign Peak hike--pics and discussion to come soon.
  • Midway--party up there with biking, games, hanging out and sleeping over.
  • Swimming--lots of swimming at my sister E's house.
  • Family Dinner Party--hanging out with my siblings families.
  • Watched lots of nighttime tennis for the US Open. My favorite female player bowed out quickly...Brodi's favorite male player is still rocking it.
Things missed:
  • No salsa dancing this week.
  • No marathons run
  • Did not win the lottery
  • Did not win any metrosexual awards
Hope you all had a good weekend with good times.

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nielsons*love*family said...

you forgot the mention the BYU win,