Monday, September 28, 2009

To hang or not to hang?

We usually grow some cherry tomatoes every year in our backyard. I decided to try something different--you know that infomercial with the upside down tomatoes, the Topsy Turvy Tomatoes? I wanted to give it a shot. I mean, c'mon, the all of the pictures on the internet show that this is THE WAY to grow tomatoes. I can safely say that this is turned out as a disaster to me. I dreamed of fabulous results like the pic on the left. It was not meant to be.

As you can see, it was not pretty. The ads talked about the plants producing 'miracle tomatoes.' Let me just say that if it produced miracle tomatoes, then miracles suck. I got about 6 cherry tomatoes out of this. It makes you question everything when a good old informercial at 3am may not be telling you the whole truth about how easy it is to produce high quality fruits/vegetables. Is that not the saddest looking tomato plant that you have ever seen? I am not quite sure how I could so royally screw it up, but as you can see, I did.

On the other hand, my other not-topsy-turvy cherry tomatoe plant went crazy and has produced hundreds of cherry tomatoes. I also get the feeling that when I am not looking, this plant just mocks the topsy turvy plant all day long.


Shellie said...

good thing I hate tomatoes

samandbrodi said...

Shellie--very unamerican of you...who does not love a good american cherry tomato? C'mon!

Emily said...

My neighbor's topsy turvy tomatoes look just like yours!!!!!! I almost bought one of those too. Thank goodness my cheapness won out for once! But your traditional tomatoes look awesome! Just like your amazing grass!

nielsons*love*family said...

maybe, just maybe, if christian janke grew the topsy turvy ones they would be good, look good and taste good.

i'm just sayin'

Sam said...

Emily--I am glad to hear that you were too cheap to try to grow those topsy turvy tomatoes. I am still out $10 for that mistake.

Dorien--yeah, Christian humbles me with his mad tomato growing skillz. I will have to ask him to do some next year with the topsy turvy.