Thursday, September 3, 2009

144 beautiful Diet Cokes

Now, most of you know that we enjoy a good diet drink (Tab is usually the beverage of choice due to its fabulous nutrional content) but Diet Coke is also a fan favorite of ours.

I have been known to buy many 12 packs of these drinks at a time. But even I have to say that I was impressed as I walked by this person's car...I did not know the person and I usually do not spend a lot of time staring into the backseats of peoples cars, but its backseat contents made me stop and admire.

Yes, there are at least 12 of these 12-packs in the backseat. The reason that I love this is I can just see this person buying all of these 12 packs, and as you can see by the picture, they are not put in the backseat in an orderly way--they are just thrown back there. What does this mean? The person was probably so embarrassed to buy that many that they filled the shopping cart, paid for it and then jogged out to the car with the cart and hurriedly threw them in the back of the car so that nobody could see what they just bought. C'mon Diet Coke need to be ashamed, be proud of your Diet Coke consumption. Its truly a badge of honor to be able to drink that many before they expire...and yes people, soda drinks usually expire--usually within 3 months of when you purchase them.

Now, if that car had that many Tab 12-packs in its backseats, lets just say, I would have stolen that car within a minute and being in Tab heaven.


nielsons*love*family said...

it was prob. my mother in law's car!
and YES! they do expire, our "grandma great" buys them in bulk and stores them in her basement, then breaks them out for holiday family parties--let's just say that the ones marked "exp. date
11/07" = NO LONGER GOOD!

samandbrodi said...

Like I said before though, Tab may 'expire' but it only improves with age. expired Diet Coke--not too tasty. Though if you loved your grandma, you should try to choke it down at least.

6deans said...

Me LOVES me some DIET COKE :)