Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loving the hate...or Hating the love?

I love books. I hate the library. That doesn't seem to make sense, does it?

Let me explain. I got two letters yesterday from the library telling me that if I don't come and talk to them, my library account will be sent to collections. Why? I have two overdue childrens books. Yes, I checked out two kids books--one about a dog in a taxi (pic on left) and the other one about some monster (pic on the right) and I can't find either one...if you happen to see one of these books on the street in my neighborhood, please pick it up for me. Anyway, these now cost me $18 a piece. I could have bought those for $6 a piece and I would not have lost them because I would have owned them. I don't ever lose things that I actually own...only things that I borrow.

Also, I think that I have turned in every book that I ever checked out from the library, on average, about 10 days late. So, I get fined. Time and time and time again. Lovely.

The best part, and the redeeming part of this whole 'ordeal', though is when I went into the library today to clear up my charges. The guy ran the numbers and it was around $40. So, I gave him $10 and asked if I could pay the rest later (all I had on me was a ten dollar bill). He said no problem. I must have looked like I was down on my luck because he then told me that he was going to put me on a payment plan for the final $30. I was thinking that he would bill me $15 a month for the next 2 months. But no. He proceeds to tell me that I am on the 10 month repayment plan of $3 a month. How awesome is that? I just had my library fine financed at 0% for the next 10 months. OK, I think I love the library again.


nielsons*love*family said...

can you work a deal w/my fines please? i think between 6 people and 5 library cards, we are at about $28 in late fees!

i feel you pain, i feel your love!

Laura said...

That is GREAT!! SO TRUE!! That's why I opened several accounts in my kid's names. One account late fees... no prob... use the other one! haha! I have lost many dollars to the stinkin' library!

samandbrodi said...

Dorien--have your people contact my people and we can work something out in getting you on some rocking 27 month payment plan.

Laura--not a bad idea...until they find out and you end up being responsible for $245 worth of fines spread out among all of your family members.