Friday, September 18, 2009

Funkiness downtown

The residential area just outside of downtown SLC, in the 300-800 South range and the 200-600 East range, there are some interesting homes and parks. Many of the blocks are split in half with a small road going in between with smaller homes along the line. There are several blocks where there is a small park right in the middle of the block, basically for these 10-15 homes to share and use. Anyone can use these parks, but I don't think anyone but these people in these homes even knows they are around. There is also a small park right on 600 South that is named after the first african american college graduate from a college in Utah. Unfortunate though that the monument to him at this park is shaped like a gravestone. I am assuming that he is not buried there.

There is a block around 700 South where there are a bunch of identical small single family homes painted in just about every single color you can imagine. And they are all next to each other and looking at each other. I have not looked at it during the nighttime, but I would not be surprised if all of these homes glow in the dark as well. Kinda cool though.

Can it get any cooler than just leaving your partially restored 40 year old car on your front lawn? It is actually kind of like having art right outside your front door. It would not be as cool if that car has been sitting there since it was purchased back in 1965.

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