Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Sign Alerts--Crashes, Bad Weather Conditions, Zombies

Brodi and I love our zombie type movies. Shaun of the Dead is a spoof of sorts of zombies. It is truly one of our all time favorite movies. Also in our much liked movies list are several other zombie movies such as '28 Days Later', '28 Weeks Later', 'Dawn of the Dead' remake, etc.

So, we were thrilled to see these road signs in Texas warning people about a huge zombie attack going on in the area and that people should run for the hills. Hopefully the police will kill those zombies before they make it to Utah.

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Brodi Ashton said...

Oh man. Shaun of the Dead is classic. So classic Rom-Com-Zom. (Romantic Comedy Zombie flick.)

Especially the scene where a zombie is coming for Shaun and , and the only weapons they have are old records, and the two of them fight over which records are "throwable" and which ones aren't.

[looking through Shaun's LPs for suitable records to throw at two approaching zombies]
Ed: 'Purple Rain'?
Shaun: No.
Ed: 'Sign o' the Times'?
Shaun: Definitely not.
Ed: The 'Batman' soundtrack?
Shaun: Throw it.
Ed: 'Dire Straits'?
Shaun: Throw it.
Ed: Ooh, 'Stone Roses'.
Shaun: Um, No.
Ed: 'Second Coming'.
Shaun: I like it!
Ed: Ahhh! 'Sade'.
Shaun: Yeah, but that's Liz's!
Ed: Yeah, but she did dump you.
Shaun: Oh!

And the first 30 minutes of 28 days later. Shockingly good stuff.