Monday, February 9, 2009

I think its pretty clear that I have metrosexualness oozing out of me

I think that I have solidified my metrosexiness by an event that happened this weekend. I went to Twilight. Yes, Twilight. Yes, I went to Twilight. Yes, I did. Please stop the giggling. I went for a couple of reasons:

I promised Brodi, in one of her posts, that if the term 'spidermonkey' was used in Twilight, I would go see it: Spidermonkey It was used and I had to go. The other reason was that Brodi asked me to go. After dragging her to see some of my crap movies, I figured that I owed her a viewing of it. I also had to see what all of the hubablubaboo was about.

So here are my thoughts on it:
  • Bella is a babe, and so is Alice.
  • Edward has a large head. And some crazy hair.
  • I liked Jasper and Alice. They both made me laugh.
  • I did like the baseball scene...the special affects were pretty good.
  • I didn't like the special affects for most of the movie. The diamond glistening of Edward special effect did not impress me much. And what is so cool about that...if I take off my shirt on a sunny day, I also glisten like diamonds.
  • Romantic Lines? I liked the lion and the lamb line. The line of 'my own special brand of heroin' was terrible.
  • I didn't cry and I wasn't particularly moved by it.
I am not afraid to admit it...I have now seen Twilight. Seeing it has confirmed that I am not scared of showing my sensitive side, but no worries, I watched all of the Rambos the next night to restore my tough manliness side.


Shellie said...

when the cullens entered the lunch room for the first time did it take your breath away?

Cam Ballou said...

Awesome, you are the MAN! I agree with most of your comments - loved the baseball scene and the other Cullens, Edward had some horribly bad lines (Spider Monkey, heroin, etc - puke) and I agree the diamond skin scene was over the top. Alice was Ben's favorite too. Regardless, I have seen it 8 grows on you after awhile!

Anonymous said...

Sam you're not the only man who saw the movie. I actually liked it better than the book. Yes I've read all the books. I'm surprised you don't have them at the top of your "favorite books list".

nielsons*love*family said...

oh sam i am laughing out loud! LOUDLY! you should've called me and kyle...that may have been the ONLY way he would go see it (w/another man!) how many times is that for brodi now?? LOL! LOL!!

6deans said...

Glad to know Mike isn't the only metrosexual...I made him go with me to see it and he actually liked it. I can't wait to see your diamonds glisten in the spring time and summer on your front lawn...maybe we will have to come hang out more often in your lawn chairs. You made me laugh as always :)

samandbrodi said...

Shell--Alice did, the others, not so much.

Cam--8 times? You are a better woman than I, wait, oh, never mind.

Judd--You have read all of the books? I am impressed with your honesty. And you liked it all a lot, you are even more metrosexy than I am. Heather is a lucky woman.

Dorien--Kyle and I could have sat around being manly men while watching the show. Spitting and swearing.

Emily--Yep, lawn chairs will be out and I will be out shirtless. It will truly be a treat for the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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