Saturday, February 7, 2009

a 35 year old vs. a 3 years old. You know how this will end, don't you?

So, on Friday, the boys and I had Wii night. Carter, Beckham and Sam all competing in an epic battle of video game skill. Now, Carter is very good with anything on a computer or a video game. He just knows how to figure things out. I rarely play video games and have never been very good at them, but I thought after a little while, I may be able to win the Championship. Carter and I both knew that Beckham was just there to be a cute face.

Well, we got out the MarioKart and I watched Carter and Becks play for a while and Carter was really good. Beckham kinda piddled around. So, Carter finally hands over the wheel and it is my turn to do battle with Beckham.

I won the first race and then something not so funny happened. Beckham beat me in the 2nd race. Yes, my 3 year old boy beat me on MarioKart. Carter kinda laughed and gave me a look that just seemed to say--'Daddy, are you freakin' kidding me, you lost to Becks?' I smiled and taunted Beckham into a rematch. He had no idea that I was taunting him and he had no idea that I wanted a rematch but we played again. I lost again. Seriously. I handed the wheel over to Carter and in my complete shame, I hugged Beckham and watched my two boys compete for the rest of the night. My video game career was killed by a 3 year old before it even began.

I told Brodi about my loss. Her response? "You lost to Beckham? He's 3. I don't even think he knows how to go the right way." YES HE DOES KNOW HOW TO GO THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!! On a happier note for me, I did beat him in a wrestling match last night though. He couldn't handle my amazing wrestling moves.


lily said...

thats my fault i guesse when i was baby sitting the other day we played that and i taught him how to go and turn. but seriosly he was just turning circles

Brodi Ashton said...

Lily- my point exactly! Beckham has no idea how to go the right way! I still don't know how it happened...