Wednesday, February 11, 2009

defensive driving

So, I am driving along Foothill this evening just minding my own business when a car pulls out right in front of me--I don't think I have ever jerked the car so hard to the side to get out of the way but miraculously I swerved and avoided the car. All I can say is that Brodi would have been impressed...instead of getting out of the car at the upcoming red light and slashing the tires on that car, I held my composure and simply uttered some very naughty words under my breath and then forgot about it.

I forgot about it for about 2 minutes, until I saw a woman doing her makeup in her rear view mirror while driving 40mph. Congrats lady on being very talented to be able to do your makeup while driving a potential death machine.

Now, I will say, I am not perfect. It drives Brodi crazy but when I start telling her a story in the car (and I have lots of AWESOME stories), I tend to ease up on the gas pedal. If I am really into a story, I usually end up driving about 45mph on the freeway until Brodi yells at me to speed up. The other dangerous thing to own when you are driving a car--an Iphone. But I am being strong and keeping the phone down unless I have an emergency call to take.

What is the point of this whole post? No real point except to tell you all that you are all lucky to still have me around after my brush with death on Foothill.


Amy said...

Apparently we both had a brush with death on Wednesday. I almost had a stroke or maybe it was my brain tumor. I am seriously glad we are both alive to tell about our experiences!

nielsons*love*family said...

you should hear me driving in my would make a sailer blush! (it makes my kids blush)i am glad you are alive!

AltJ said...

I had a close call on I-15 last week. Some guy driving a flat bed truck decided to change lanes on top of me in my little Saturn. Sadly, I don't think he was even on the phone or anything.

Here's my promise to be a better driver.