Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TV Action Shows and my growing up years

I thought that we could have some flashback Wednesdays as I relive some of my favorite tv shows growing up. I have three classics below and all bring back different kinds of memories.

Seriously, one of the all time great shows: Greatest American Hero. In fact, I could sing this song straight thru and sound beautiful while doing so. You will also notice the special effects are stupendous:

And then you have a show that I would watch with my best friend when I was 6 years old, Jonathan Blumhagen. The A Team was on every Friday night right after Dukes of Hazzard and right before Dallas. Man, this show could not be any cooler. There was 'Face' who the ladies loved...there was 'Hannibal' the leader...there was 'B.A. Barracus'--Mr. T with an attitude. They fought crime and nobody ever got hurt even with all of the crashes and gun shooting. The cool thing (or the scary thing depending on your perspective) is that they are making this into a movie. Yeah, I'll be there.

And then there was the cool show, 21 Jumpstreet. This was Johnny Depp's big break...and who could forget the beautiful Holly Robinson? They were undercover acting as High School kids (though I don't think any of them was under the age of 22 and none of them looked younger than 25). Yeah, this show rocked.


Brodi Ashton said...

Mmmmm... Johnny Depp. 21 Jump Street. Yum.

Chelsea said...

I can't believe you got to watch A-Team when you were six. I remember that I wasn't allowed to see it, but I also remember watching it. How did that work?

The Eastley Family said...

perhaps subconsciously you're just a fan of Stephen J. Cannell and (music by) Mike Post and Pete Carpenter. Were you a Hardcastle & McCormick, Rockford Files, and Riptide fan too?