Monday, May 4, 2009

Give me those foods and I would live happily ever after

I have no idea why I was thinking about this over the weekend. Maybe it was because I took the kids down to the public library and we stayed longer than expected and I was starving, so I began to wonder--if I was stuck on a deserted island but was told that I would be given 3 dinners and 1 breakfast that I would have to live on for the rest of my life, what would I pick.

Now, I know that you have all wondered that, so now is your chance to put your 4 meals (3 dinners/lunches and 1 breakfast) in the comments section. But for me, here is my list:

For Dinner
Ribeye Steak and mashed potatoes-
-If you know my food choices, you would have seen this meal coming from a hundred miles away. Actually, I could probably survive on ribeye steak all by itself. If my house does not smell like steak, something is wrong.
Spaghetti--This is the perfect lunch, dinner or breakfast. I would prefer Brodi's or my mom's brand over anything store bought. But seriously, few things are as tasty as a nice little spaghetti breakfast.
Hamburger and Fries--This was a tough call as I love pizza as well, but it would be good to have the nutrition of the french fries.

And for breakfast:
Belgian Waffles and Hashbrowns--you can't go wrong with either.

So there you go...give those 4 meals and I would make it happily for the rest of my life.


eden said...

Sam you are a man of few needs! I love all the fruit and veggies you included.

I've always thought that pizza with everything on it would work for me on a desert isle.

Amy said...

I am feeling pretty hungry reading your blog. I also think that since you have moved in, Saturn Ave has had a faint smell of steak!

nielsons*love*family said...

steak, huh? although i do agree--a good rib eye is the BEST! (we eat it once a year for fathers day!)

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