Thursday, May 21, 2009

smooth as silk but as manly as a man can get

So, ever since I was a young little guy, I used an electric shaver. I think my dad was worried that I would accidentally slit my throat if I used a manual razor. He was probably right. I have since gone thru 3 Norelco shavers.

On my last trip to Pakistan, I forgot and left my electric shaver at home. Now, I don't grow hair as fast as a wildabeast, but after a few days, it can get a bit scruffy. So, I got the courage and tried out a manual 'hotel' quality razor and went to work on my face. I did it. No tragedies involved. It was liberating. I was ready to shout to the world that "I CAN DO IT." Alas, I did not do that as this was not too dramatic of an accomplishment, but nonetheless, it was impressive.

I have turned over a new leaf...I am now a man's man and I use a manual shaver. I went to Costco and purchased the Gillette Fusion razor because it looks just so awesome. I bought the shaving cream and I am in business. Yes, there will be occassional misfires, but that is what toilet paper is for--to stop the little nicks that can bleed until the cows come home (that last phrase was a shout out to all of you cow lovers).

Now ladies, you are welcome to come up to me anytime and feel my smooth manually-shaved face. Its OK, Brodi has approved of it. Now, I just got to get the courage to shave my chest. Totally kidding, I will not shave my chest...I am going to let those 7 little chest hairs stay right where they are.


AltJ said...

Sam, here's a post you have to read...

samandbrodi said...

That was very helpful. I will study it religiously to improve my shaving skillzz. Thanks for the suggestion.

nielsons*love*family said...

LOL sam---- i will have all my girls feel your face on sunday!

and FYI--kyle's dad taught him (through example) to shave w/a razor (like unto your NEW one), soap and NO MIRROR!!!

he is still alive and well after all these 40 yrs! (maybe he can give you a few pointers if you ever want to go so far as to try it that way!)

nielsons*love*family said...

k....the most important part of that whole sentence (it is too early)


Shellie said...


you should set up some sort of booth outside your house where people can feel your smooth as silk cheeks. how much would you charge?