Sunday, May 24, 2009

Midway and Park City in a weekend

A nice Memorial weekend so far. We spent the weekend up at Brodi's parents condo in Midway where we played some tennis, went to a park, had a nice dinner and watched an entertaining NBA game. One of the nights was long as well as Beckham decided that he sleep was overrated and he just wanted to hang out and not sleep. The joys of being a parent.

We are also fans of Park City's Alpline Slide and Coaster rides. The kids love them. Beckham squealed and Carter yelled 'lets go back again, lets go back again' after every single ride. The coaster ride is actually pretty cool. You slowly go up the mountain but when you hit the top, it is hang on time as you pick up pretty good speed.

It is not cheap though. They know how to charge you a lot of money for what amounts to 10 minutes of action. We would have liked to have stayed longer but we realized that we were completely out of money so it was time to go. Definately a lot of fun though.

On another note, Carter had a few interesting things to say to us this weekend. The first was on our drive up to Midway and Brodi and I decided to have a conversation with each other (I know, crazy!). Carter asked something and Brodi told him just a minute to which Carter responded, 'I command you to listen to me now.'

Carter has allergies though not as bad as Beckham. Well, he says that he gets bubbles in his throat, so we have been giving him Zyrtec to make him more comfortable. He let me know right before he went to bed: "Sam, will you put the pill on my tongue to get rid of the bubbles." Yes, the new slogan of Zyrtec: Try Zyrtec and say good bye to the bubbles.


nielsons*love*family said...

my children command me to do things ALL THE TIME...and FYI it ceases to be cute when they are 15(or 12 or 9)

when they are 6, it is still cute!
glad you guys had a fun weekend...i SWEAR i saw you planting flowers???

Laura said...

That is too funny!! Ahhh- the things they say!