Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ramblings and Rumblings

I took the kids down to my office over the weekend so that I could grab a few work things. We then walked over to the SLC Library which is right next door. The kids love running across the bridge and going to the roof of the library. Well, they were playing over by a fountain area and Carter and Beckham would put their hands in the water and then run around. I was then informed by one of the homeless men hanging out nearby that my kids shouldn't do that. I politely asked 'why' and he told me that they just should not do that. Well, to make a point, I proceeded to take off all my clothes and jump headfirst into the water and ask him what he thought about that. Ok, that didn't happen, but I sure wish I had.

I don't think my boy has called me 'daddy' in the past 6 months. 'Sam?' Yes, every day since then. But at least I am not alone...Brodi lost her 'mommy' status about the same time and is now simply 'Brodi.'

I lost in my last tennis tournament. Of note, I did win a point with a very nice backwards between the legs shot (looked something like the picture on the left, though definately not as graceful) to win the point. It was a thing of beauty and I almost gave myself a standing ovation. My opponent complimented me on the shot...I told him not to be too impressed as I probably spent too much time on the trick shots as obviously, the rest of my game was not good enough to beat him. If I am going to lose, I am going to lose in style.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am coaching Carter's soccer team. First off, We do not keep score! With that said, our team has outscored the other teams 16-4 so far this year. We are a juggernaut and my yelling and swearing is really paying off for these 6 year olds. But as a quick reminder, we do not keep score!

Nice to see the good weather. I guess I can now dust off all of my old tank tops and denim cut off jeans.


nielsons*love*family said...

boy oh boy am i glad olivia is not on your think her innocent ears would have to endure curse words, from SAM, of all people! Cuz she CERTAINLY has never heard her mother curse...(cough cough)
you know i am kidding sam!!!
and josh called us "kyle" and "dorien" for something like 2 yrs... at first it was cute and endearing, after the first year...NOT SO MUCH!

Brodi Ashton said...

Personally, if a homeless man is warning me about the water, I'd take him at his word.

Chelsea said...

I demand to see pictures of the tank top/shorts ensemble.

Funny about the first names thing. Henry did that for the first time the other day. I told him no about something and he was like "Mike will do it."