Sunday, May 10, 2009

Allergies--my Nemesis!

I considered grabbing a small ice cream scooper and using it to scoop my eyeballs out of my sockets. I would then grab a toothbrush and scrub my eyeballs out of all of that frakkin' pollen that is ruining my life.

Spring is wonderful for so many reasons but there is 1 problem with it: Allergies. Over the years, I have taken zyrtec, claritin, claritin d, allegra d and nothing quite does it for me. When its really bad, its nearly unbearable. My mouth has lots of bling bling in it--gold crowns. I have these because of the 5 root canals that I have had done in my mouth. Yes, the girls dig the gold in my mouth. When Spring is rocking and rolling, my sinus start having major issues...and when the pressure in my sinus is there, it builds up pressure on my root canal'ed teeth and my gold crowns. Yeah, not a good feeling. I went a couple of weeks at a time taking way too many Ibuprofen, curled up in the fetal position in my office in DC as the pain was excrutiating.

Beckham is our disaster baby. Those of you that know Becks, know that Spring is terrible for him...that is why he takes 3 medications every day to make him feel better. He is a tough kid though, probably much tougher than me, and he just continues on, sniffling and itching and surviving for about 1 more month. For both of us.


Shellie said...

I'm so sorry! I just read on FB that brodi deals with them too! that really sucks! but at least you know how crappy the other person is feeling.

nielsons*love*family said...

man what's up w/allergies this year?? if i send you MY eyeballs will you clean them off too??
thanks sam!

6deans said...

We are dying at our house too Sam...if that makes you feel any better. Too bad we have to have itchy eyes with such beautiful weather. Hope you guys feel better at your house TREKY friend :)