Friday, April 29, 2011

Would you like your Scissors Baked or Broiled?

I cooked up some cookies this past weekend for the boys. After I was done with that, I took out some tinfoil and put it on the cookie sheet and cooked up some chicken on that. After eating the delicious chicken, I started to clean up. I truly have no idea how I did this...but for some reason, I put down a knife and scissors on the cookie sheet and then proceeded to put down the tinfoil on top of that and cooked the chicken...and the scissors...and the knife. Voila. A beautiful melted art made up of pieces of kitchen utensils. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A wild and crazy Spring Break (Ok, not so much but still good time)

We spent last week in the exotic location of Hurricane (Hur-kin), Utah. It is just a few miles outside of St. George. We went with Brodi's family and got out of town for Spring Break.

Brodi's dad Dennis is still fighting his cancer ( and our brother in law Dave is recovering from tearing his ACL...but that didn't stop us as we hiked, swam, drew on streets and played our way through the week. We stayed in a nice small little resort with putting greens, swimming pool, hot tub and basketball courts and we were close to Zions and spent a day there seeing things like the Weeping Rock.

It was Free National Park week down at Zions, so it was pretty busy with visitors. We did some hiking and let the kids play along the river and let them bury themselves in the sand. It is amazing how much time you can spend letting the kids play with sand. They would have been there all day.

We went up to the Narrows in St. George which the kids loved hiking around. There are so many big drops off the side that it feels like you constantly need to tell the kids to be careful (Brodi informed me several times to be careful as well). There is also, obviously, the narrows where you can be right in between the two rock faces. Carter liked it, though it made him a bit nervous at first. After a few walks up it, he loved it.

A couple of cool things just outside of St. George and Santa Clara. There is a hieroglyphics site with old indian writings as well as a cool hike and great scenery. Good for wandering around. I think we also saw 2 other people on the entire hike. Quiet and the kids loved running around.

There is also a crazy cool waterfall place in this area as well. Huge rock faces with water pouring out all over the place. It was fun to hike around it as well as let the kids jump off the rocks into the pools of water below. We had heard about it in the past but never seen it. Well worth it if you are down there.

All in all, good trip. And nice to get away from the cold rainy valley for a while at least and enjoy the 80 degree weather.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you all had a good Easter. This is Carter and Becks with their fabulous J cousins. We had a good trip to Zions this past week (pics to come) as well as fun activities like cooking knives and learning how to 'Trump' up my hair.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be a star at parties - tell 'cool' fast food facts

Did you know that there are around 70,000 combined Subways and McDonalds locations in the United States? Are you frakkin' kidding me? McDonalds, every day, serves around 58 million people...and employs 1.5 million people. Those are crazy numbers.

I went to a KFC a while back and when I picked up my food at the window, I asked the manager how many pieces of chicken they go through every day. He said that they sell around 1,500 pieces of chicken every day. This is a small KFC here in Salt Lake City. Thats alotta food.

There are more than 15,000 combined Pizza Huts and Dominoes Pizzas in the United States. And then you think of all of the other pizza places (chains and nonchains)...and you can see that we love our pizza here in the US.

What is the point of this post? Absolutely nothing. I just found it interesting. See, you are getting smarter just by reading my blog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The little skateboard that could...

We had our Pinewood Derby race last night. Let me just say, I have never been a very good scout...but this is something that even I enjoyed growing up. So, after spending weeks contemplating whether or not I should borrow my nephew's car, we decided to build our own. We said - forget pure speed. Lets get creative. So, 2 late nights of cutting, sanding, cutting and then sanding again, we finally had our 'car.' Carter occasionally touched it and looked it too. We all painted it...loaded up the drivers onto it and we had our Skateboard.

It was not going to win any speed awards. I asked the guy who owned the pinewood derby track if I should add more weight to our car...he smiled and said not to worry about it...all of the legos on the top would be more than enough to slow it down. Carter didn't win. But, how many kids can say that their 'car' looked really, really cool? OK, so most of them can say that too...but NONE of them had legos on it.