Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is our blog

Brodi and I have finally decided to get with the 20th Century, wait, what century are we in? We have finally decided to join the 21st Century and get ourselves a little blog. We want to have a place where we can talk about the kids, our jobs, our families, our house, etc. and we decided on this place and this blog.

There is a lot that will be happening over the next few months with a major house remodel, Brodi working her magic in real estate, Carter going back to Uppland Terrace for his preschool, Beckham getting bigger, milking cows in Pakistan, buying a new used car and much more. This blog will deal with all of that as well as things that interest us: the housing market, college football, college basketball, the NBA, politics, music and books. This will be a true hodgepodge of stuff.

We hope you enjoy this site and here is hoping that we can keep it updated and somewhat interesting for all of you. We also hope that after you read more about us, you will still be interested in being our friends.