Monday, September 27, 2010

Brodi is a star

Though most of you know, my wife Brodi is a writer. Well, she is now an author. Her agent Michael Bourret just sold her book to Harper Collins (Balzer & Bray imprint). You can read about it by clicking here

Her book was sent out to several publishers and an offer on it was almost immediate (within 2 days). We are excited. If you are not following Brodi or reading Brodi's blog, you need to visit it right now and you need to make it part of your weekly reading:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nothing important, just some rambling

A few thoughts about the past couple of days:

We ate my mom's house this Sunday for dinner. We had some fruit...and some frakkin' amazing grapes. As you can see by the picture, the normal red grape is on the right, my thumb is on the left and the mutant HUGE green grape is in the middle. I felt like I had to cut that thing with a knife into tiny bits so that I could stuff it into my mouth.

I am no engineer. That is pretty clear. But I walked under a freeway bridge the other day and they had some wood support beams under the bridge. Call me crazy, but is that wood doing much with 5,000 pound cars driving over it all day long?

I picked up some bbq chicken from the supermarket the other day. The label makes me laugh and reminds me that the people selling the deli food are not Market-ers. The name of this delicious dish? Boneless BBQ Chunks. Chunks? Yeah, I still ate it, but they gotta change that name.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Karl - A real American Hero!

I used to collect comics. Yes, I know that I was a complete nerd (and still am, I know). I have way too many X-Men, X-Force, Spawn, Batman, Justice League, etc. comics to even count. They are carefully stored away in plastic and boxes in our storage room. Well I decided to take a look at them and see if Carter wanted to read some of the nicer ones.

I came across this comic book, a Karl Malone comic book. I bought it 15 years ago because I thought it was hillarious. And it still is. For those that don't know, Karl Malone was a Power Forward for the Utah Jazz for a long, long time. He also was a superhero. I started reading this comic last night and Karl Malone, for some reason, is up at the North Pole. He saves a man that fell through the ice (YAY!), but ended up going down into the water after saving the guy (a guy watched it and said 'there he goes, he is gone forever), but NO! He is found a few years later and revived and given equipment to make him an elite mailman/fighter. He ends up saving bald eagles and fighting crime. Yeah, it is as bad as it sounds. Too bad because he would have been a great hero fighting along side Superman, Batman and WonderWoman.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family day at the Beach

My brother and his family were in town a few weeks ago, so my sister and brother in law brought up their boat to Jordanelle for a day of water skiing. Problem was, it was really windy which made water skiing not too enjoyable.

That was fine for the kids though as they got to spend the day tubing and playing along the beach. Carter was in his element...playing with all of his cousins and getting dragged behind the boat for what seemed like hours. He wanted the boat to go faster and he kept trying to get the tube outside of the wake.

He did get some air on one move...bouncing out of his seat, but he came right back down to it amid howls of laughter from his cousins. Carter is convinced we need to buy a boat.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shaking your booty, the right way

For those wondering how a guy like me could have caught such an amazing girl in Brodi...well, let me just say, it was my dance moves. A new study reports that killer dance moves like this draw women to you. I think it is fair to say my moves were too much for her and she had to date and marry me. What moves drive the women crazy...? Check out the video below for those moves (many of which I will bust out on the dance floor at any given well as the terrific running man dance move):

What moves will drive the ladies away and these are moves that I would never ever even think of doing, here you go:

I wonder how much money was put into that research study.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleeping with the fishes, in an undead way

Off the coast of India, in the Maldives, is a nice little resort that offers something different. And, I have yet to decide if this is really romantic or really creepy. On your honeymoon, you can sleep with the fishes...and not have to die to do it. It is a glass underwater bedroom.

Expectedly, it aint cheap. To use the resort villa lodging above water, it will run you around $1,500 a night...I am assuming that this underwater room will be more than that and they are not disclosing prices. But you get to have fish watching you all night and that is priceless, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

With water, it will grow and grow

I walked by these two homes which were next to each other. They both decided on some interesting landscaping ideas. The one on the left is for a tree. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of getting a tree to grow, but this tree is literally 3 inches tall and they have decided to mark off the tree's territory. I can't wait to see this tree reach 6 feet tall in 25 years. The one on the right is my favorite - they have planted flowers around this tree...wait, thats not a tree. It is a pipe sticking out of the lawn. Yet, they are treating it as a tree. I will be curious if this pipe ends up growing and if it blooms in the spring.