Sunday, February 19, 2012

Year 2011 for books

2011 Books (Fiction)

2011 Books (NonFiction)

It was a bit of a slower year last year with books, but here is the list for 2011. Really got into Jo Nesbo books, as well as Henning Mankell. I have something for these Scandinavian authors. I also realized that I am not reading enough nonfiction books. I need to get on that.

I have added my new reads for 2012 on the left. If you have any good suggestions on books to read, let me know.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am all about Style

I had to go to an auto store this past weekend to pick things up for the car. I found a couple of 'hot' accessories for my car. How awesome would this be to put on my car. Cool sticker emblems of a heavenly/devilish well as 'Bling Dice' to hang from my rear view mirror. Everyone knows that dice hanging is pretty much awesome, but these dice also light up. Yep, State street here I come! I know Brodi, as well as all of the ladies in my neighborhood, will be very impressed.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Repairs? Yeah, I can fix that (by calling someone)

We had a couple of things going on around our house this past week or two. Our washing machine decided to stop spinning. I feared the worst, but the appliance guy came out and fixed it. For about $100. The cool thing was watching him take it apart. Yes, I am no mastermind when it comes to being super handy, but I love watching things get done. He just pulled off the cover of our washing machine and went to work on it. Here is our washing machine, shell less.

We also had a clogged main drain line. We have some large trees in our front yard so we thought it was a root problem. Nope, just a clog down the line. We cut out a hole in our wall to get to the clean out pipe and we snaked it clean. Yay for us.

The point of this post? Really no point...except I got to see handy men in action.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I promise, he is not sick - he just pukes

So, Saturday was a crazy day. We started it off by going to Costco to pick up things (such as 40 rolls of toilet paper, 20 rolls of paper towels, 4 ginormous containers of mayonnaise...I love Costco, and I am thankful to live in a house to find places to store all that stuff), then to the grocery store, then off to Brodi's book signing at Barnes and Noble, then up to the University of Utah to watch the basketball team lose again.

The problem with all of this driving is that we have a kid that gets car sick. Pretty much any big trip to California, Jackson Hole, Oregon, etc. usually involves one or two pukings from Beckham. Well, this Saturday, we had lots of stops and gos and Becks finally gave up. On our way to the Ute game, he tells me 'I'm pukey daddy, I'm pukey.' I pulled over on the freeway and he let it all out. Now, usually after he pukes, he is fine and back at it and Saturday, he seemed fine. We drove to the game and took our regular seats. Halfway thru the game though, he curled up in my arms and just laid down on me. He then got up and puked. Yes, at the game. I finally got him to the car where he was still sick and we got him home. After a few hours, he was fine...but I don't think I will win any father of the year awards or fan of the year awards after all of that.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Give me your coins...and I will give you some coins back

I went the bank the other day to cash a check. Carter came with me. He had 15 cents in his pocket and he was just walking around the bank. Well, he found one of those coin deposit machines. So, he deposited the two coins he had into the machine and it gave him a receipt for 15 cents. He looks at me and asks 'What do I do with that?' I told him that we could take it to the teller and give it to her and she would give us 2 coins back. He looked confused and said 'Well, thats kind of dumb.' Yeah, not much I could say to that except that next time he uses the coin deposit machine, we should use more coins.