Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am not cut out for 4th grade homework.  One of Carter's assignments was to make a cake of the state of Utah.  Anytime that a 4th grader gets an assignment to make a cake and start labeling it with candy pieces to represent mountains and rivers...well, I end up having to do a bunch of that work.  I am not good with cooking things.  We did not burn it even though I unnecessarily doubled the recipe.   But, we somehow pulled it off and I am pleased...and Carter ended up learning the geography of Utah as well as being full after eating the cake.  He got his 'A.'

We also got his spelling list for the week and I looked at 'homophone' and I had NO idea what that word was...I knew it looked familiar but I couldn't think of the definition.  I looked up homophone: is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning."  Yeah, I was a Communication major in college and I could not remember that word.  Oh well.  4th Graders are really smarter than adults.

Friday, October 5, 2012

You are sick...but not sick sick

I am going to try to post more regularly again.  Or, I can just post every month or two and apologize and then say 'I am going to try to post more regularly again.'

Not sick, a few days earlier
I got the phone call the other day that every parent dreads.  Your kid is sick at school and needs to come home.  Yeah, that phone call.  So I talked with Carter and asked how he was feeling because he was just fine when he went to school.  He said that he felt sick to his stomach and his head hurt.  He then explained that he was playing a game with his friends at recess on who could run the most number of circles.  He did 50.  50 circles.  In a row.  I explained to him that he was motion sick/car sick/dumb game sick and I told him to sit on the couch in the office and I would call back in 10 minutes to check on him.

Now, this is a fine line.  You don't want to be THAT parent that doesn't pick up his poor sick kid.  But I am not going to be THAT parent that runs to get my kid when he is not sick sick...just dumb sick.  15 minutes later, he was still sick.  I left work to pick him up.  I took him home and miraculously, about 10 minutes later, he was feeling great.  Carter 1  Sam  0.