Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My iphone laughs at water and calls it weak!

I dropped my iphone yesterday. Not on the ground. Not in my car. Not on a soft leather couch. I dropped it in the toilet. Yes, the toilet. Now before you all go ewwww, there was nothing in the toilet except for 'fresh' toilet water. So, thats basically totally clean, isn't it?

It was like slow motion. I was washing my hands and my phone was in my coat pocket and I must have bumped it out...I saw it flip out of my pocket and slowly descend to the bowl with me letting out a slow motion 'nooooooooooooo'...splash.

With reflexes like a cat though, I submerged my hand in the water and pulled out the iphone. I nearly performed CPR on it, but decided that it would be better to dry it off. I screamed as loud as I could to all those in the office "I need some paper towels STAT!!!!!" Shockingly enough, nobody came to my aid. I proceeded to turn it off...then dry it off...then let an occassional tear fall gently to the ground...then more drying off. And guess what? It turned back on.

Until this morning when it would not turn on. 5 hours it stayed turned off, showing no hope for a reawakening...until, guess what. It turned on again. All is good. Until my co-worker Mike informed me that his daughter dropped her iphone into the water and it worked fine for a week and then went dead forever. Let the countdown begin...but I have a good feeling about this one. The power of Apple will not be stopped by some stupid office toilet!


lily said...

your iphone has 6 days to live

samandbrodi said...

Lily--thanks for nothing! My iphone is different...it will survive.

jamkmb said...

Forget the iPhone... get an Android!