Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Locked and loaded...in bed

This seems like a genius idea. A gun rack that you can attach right to your bed. Nothing says gun safety like being able to attach your rifle or shotgun right to your bed. Hopefully the sheet will protect any of your kids from playing with it. http://www.the-backup.com/

The only way that this idea could be even better if they had some kind of contraption where you could attach your rifle right to your pillow.

On another note--I am selling little tiny plastic bags that attach to the headboard of my bed...these plastic bags will be able to hold one grenade. You never know when you will need it and attaching it to the bed just makes sense.


Janae said...

only members of the CIA would have access to a grenade:) I think you will sale tons of these!!

nielsons*love*family said...

ROFL!! oh sam...thanks once again for a GOOD belly laugh!

Keersten said...

Hey, you may knock it; but I have slept much sounder since we got ours--for the bulk price from our ward's preparedness fair. That's right.

Keersten said...

Um, I just realized that I usually only lurk because you probably don't know me well enough to know when I'm trying to make a joke. argh. We weren't able to get it at bulk price.

Sam said...

Janae--I cannot confirm or deny your first statement. And yes, it will be a big seller.

Dorien--Uh, I am totally serious!

Keersten--thanks for lurking and then commenting and I think I knew you were kidding. And trust me, I aint sneaking into your house late at night with your quick draw!