Thursday, December 3, 2009

Help me decide which watch to choose!

I love watches and I am now in the market for a new one and I am trying to decide on which watch to buy. Do I pick the one on the left (the Breguet Classique) Or do I pick the one on the right (the Zenith Xtreme Tourbillo)? Big decisions. I think I like the black look on the Zenith watch but the Breguet has a pretty cool look.

The more that I think about it, I like the Zenith watch more. Also it is free shipping which is important especially in this economy. I guess I will also save a little bit of money by picking the Zenith. The Breguet is a good deal at only $131,000 (about 6% saving off the regular price) but I hate having to pay that $9.99 shipping charge. I like my free shipping. The Zenith is only running at just below $93,000 (savings of around 40% off the original $145K). And factor in the free shipping, and I think it is a pretty good deal.

By picking the Zenith, that frees up around $40,000. Does anyone know of any good black shoes that would match this new watch? I can spend up to $40,000 for it, but I would prefer to spend only around $30K. Thanks for letting me know.

If anyone is interested in buying one too, you better hurry because there are not many in stock. Here are those watches:
Zenith: Click Here
Breguet: Click Here


Brodi Ashton said...

2nd mortgage, here we come.

Laura said...

If only life were that stressful!! :)

Chelsea said...

I got the Zenith for Mike last year and he seems to like it.

Sam said...

Brodi--actually, we are on our 4th mortgage. But man, I look good.

Laura--yep, these kinds of decisions make things very, very stressful.

Chels--good choice. I am glad to hear that he likes it. I am assuming that it doesn't screw up what time it is too often. For just under $100K, I am hoping that it can keep decent time.

6deans said...

I definately think you should get both and I am sure you could find one for Brodi for Christmas. Heck you might as well buy one for all your neighbors...sounds good to me. I would like a black one and Mike would like brown :) Happy Holidays!

nielsons*love*family said...

my birthday is coming up soon--do they have something in a slightly
more feminine version of either?

thanks in advance! :O)

samandbrodi said...

Emily--definitely, thanks for letting me know which ones you both like.

I don't think they do Dorien--no worries, I will get you something just as a book or something. An expensive book.