Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Utes win, thanks to a Prayer

I posted this picture on my facebook account, but I thought it was too good.

I have season tickets to Ute basketball. I took Carter with me. He has started Junior Jazz and is having fun...he is actually a very good dribbler. I told him we would go to the game and he could see some players who are really good at dibbling the ball. The Utes had a big game against Michigan last night. We got there early (back in college, I would get to the games an hour early to 'prepare' for big games) and we were sitting around watching the players warm up.

I told Carter that this was a big game. He was quiet for a bit and then said, 'maybe we should say a prayer.' I laughed a bit and told him that he could pray if he wanted to: He then closed his eyes and started saying a prayer. I have to admit, I kept my eyes open and fumbled for my camera.

It must have worked. The Utes won. Carter got ice cream after the game for his smart decision to pray.


nielsons*love*family said...

seriously ....cutest picture EVER!

love carter!

Amy said...

Renan's brother put the Jazz on the prayer roll at the temple. I don't think that was appropriate, but whatever. The Jazz didn't win because I think the big man upstairs was angry at them......not the Jazz, but Renan's brothers.

Tricia said...

Sweet Carter...I LOVE that little guy! That is PRICELESS!!!

Laura said...

I thought only Cougar fans prayed?! haha! j/k! SO CUTE!!

samandbrodi said...

Dorien and Trish--thanks, he is a cute kid, isn't he?

Amy--oh no, I guess I shouldn't have done it for the Utes?

Laura--us Utes are spiritual when it is vitally important to get a win. :)