Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 too many...and a Christmas Flash

We took the boys out this weekend to dinner at MacCools in Foothill Village. While we were there, Carter needed to go to the bathroom, so I took him and we went in where he had to go #2. There was another guy there, so I went in the stall with Carter while he was using the bathroom. After a few seconds Carter said, 'nothing is happening but I need to just believe I can go...yay, my poop believed and I just went!" Thanks Carter for giving me the update. The power of belief goes a long ways.

As Carter was still going, he noticed that there was a hook on the door and he asked me what it was:

Sam: Its called a hook and you can hang your coat on it.
Carter: But there is only one hook.
Sam: Yep, there is usually one person in here so there only needs to be one hook.
Carter: Sheesh Sam, what are you doing in here then?
Sam: Good point, I'll wait outside.

And yes, my boy calls me Sam.

For those that know Beckham, you also know that he spends his life with his pants hanging past his bottom. For the life of me, that boy cannot keep his pants up to his waist. And usually its me following behind him telling him to pull up his pants. Brodi took this picture and it is the all too familiar pic of Becks flashing the world.

After Dinner, we drove through Christmas Street in Salt Lake City. It did not seem to be as festive this year as in years past, but it is still a fun little drive to show the kids the lights. With that said, I don't think the kids cared much. Oh well.


nielsons*love*family said...

i think i may have already said this, but josh called us kyle and dorien the whole 2nd and 3rd yr. of his life...i personally believe it is a sign of intelligence! (LOL)

and better beck's cheeks than YOURS in that picture sam!

(i'm just sayin')

Sam said...

Dorien--good for Josh...Carter never called us mommy or daddy. So, I have no idea if this will ever change. Oh well.