Monday, November 23, 2009

Trees: A Love--Hate Relationship

I love trees. A neighborhood just looks better with bunches of trees lining the street. But, let me tell you--there is a problem with trees. They frakkin' shed their leaves! March till September is fabulous. But then come October, trees decide that they need to shed their leaves and leave it all over the yard.

There is a huge tree next to our house. Love it but it does not decide to let go of its leaves until late November, December and January. Let me tell you--picking up leaves in the dead of winter, well, it aint fun. But I am counting my blessings though to have such a marvelous tree even if I am cussing while picking up all of the leaves. I do have something to be thankful for though--my apple tree only blooms apples every other year and this is the off no applesauce covered driveway this winter. Yay for me!

Late Fall/Early December, I have a different job...I become a professional leaf bagger-er. If it is a sunny day, I head out and pick up leaves. Over the past few years, I am averaging anywhere between 60-85 bags of leaves filled. Right now, I am op to around 50 bags packed. That people, is a lot of leaves. The cool thing though, is that the city of Holladay has a dump off where you can take all of your bagged leaves and leave them there. They have about 20 huge dumpsters on the lot and you just drop it off. Every weekend, the dumpsters are absolutely full and it is surrounded by hundreds of bags.

Rant over.


Shellie said...

our leaves are going crazy all over our lawn. it doesn't look as festive as I hoped.

lily said...

your lucky our trees keep their leaves for most of the winter and they fall off in the spring