Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sam vs. JiffyLube telephone guy

So, I had my windshield replaced and I lost the sticker that shows when I last had an oil change. I am lazy, I take my truck to Jiffy Lube. So, I call there and ask them when I last had my oil change, here is the conversation:

Sam: I just wanted to find out what the mileage was on my last oil change
JLube: What is your mileage now?
Sam: 130,000
JLube: Oh man, you need to bring in your truck as soon as possible.
Sam: Cool. Thanks. So, what was my mileage the last time I had it done.
JLube: Its been 5 months now...you really should bring in your truck as it appears that it is well over due for an oil change.
Sam: Once again, cool to know. Thanks. What was my mileage last time.
JLube: Yep, its been 5 months.
Sam: (silence)
JLube: Your mileage was 126,000 miles. So yes, you should bring it in soon
Sam: Cool, only 4,000 miles in 5 months? Wow...looks like I have some time.
JLube: You should really bring it in to get that oil change.
Sam: Cool...I will see you in a month or so.
JLube: (silence)
Sam: Thanks for the info!!!

ZING! Ok, not much of a Zing, but I was extra chipper to him. I actually like the guys I work with at Jiffy Lube...but I don't appreciate the guy on the phone acting like my car was going to implode due to not getting my oil changed at 3,000 miles. They can see that I am a loyal customer who comes in often, yet they still try and sell me on the service. Somehow, someway, my truck has survived going over 3,000 miles.


Jenny Jackson said...

I hate going to Jiffy Lube. They always make me feel like I am an idiot who is mistreating my car because I have procrastinated going in there. And I should definitely change the air filter and have them service the transmission and rotate my tires and change my PCV valve and clean my fuel injectors while I am at it. When I turn down all these fabulous services, they treat me like I will barely make it down the street when I leave.

I have often thought that if I didn't feel stupid when I go in there, Ii would be much more likely to want to go again. Well, that and the whole I don't want to spend the money thing.

samandbrodi said...

Yeah Jenny...I hear you on that. They make you feel like a car abuser--"I can't believe you would treat your that way...if I could I would report you and they would take away your car!' It is pretty intimidating, no doubt.