Monday, November 2, 2009

the Halloween recap you have all been dying for

Carter loves Halloween. It means that he can go as something really scary. Last year he was one of those Harry Potter death reavers. Pretty spooky. This year, he dressed up as the Grim Reaper. He was mainly excited about the scythe (yes, I had to look up that word to spell it). The parades were cool as both boys are pretty pumped to strut their stuffs around. Beckham went in two different costumes this year--Winnie the Pooh and a snake/lizard/alligator combo.

We also did the whole pumpkin carving thing. Brodi informed me that I should not be using a machete to do the carving. Huge accomplishment though--no fingers were lost. Brodi also decided to use the oven, and we had toasted pumpkin seeds. I would have put a picture of Brodi getting the seeds out of the pumpkin, but she would not have been pleased as she looked like she was going to be sick in every picture (she has a thing with goopy food things on her hands). The boys were pleased.

Halloween evening, we stopped by both sets of grandparents to show off the kids. They were a big hit and they scored some candy there.

The rest of the night was running around the neighborhood collecting candy. After we got home, some of Carter's friends stopped by and wanted him to go out with them again. So, Carter headed off. After about 30 minutes, I decided to go and make sure that they were doing OK. Let me just say, I may have creeped out some people in my area...I was slowly driving around in my truck trying to find everytime I saw a group of kids, I would go real slow by them with me peering out the window. Yes, that night, I became THAT creepy guy prowling for kids. I did eventually find Carter again. Halloween is over.


The "K" in JKD said...

so that was you!!! We were ready to call the cops!

samandbrodi said...

Kristine--I appreciate you not calling the cops. Maybe I should have taken off my creepy mask and stopped offering kids candy as I slowly drove on by.

nielsons*love*family said...


The Eastley Family said...

I'm confused: did you spill a sack of flour on your front lawn?

samandbrodi said...

Yes Kent, that is 4 bags worth of flour.