Sunday, October 26, 2008

Movies for this 'holiday' season

Here is a Halloween guide to finding some good scary movies. Now, I will say that this list, for the most part, is not for the faint of heart and you are not allowed to judge me based on these movies that I could watch at any time, any where.

Shaun of the Dead--Seriously, this movie is genius. It is called a RoComZom movie, which stands for 'Romantic Comedy Zombie' flick. That says it all. It is set in London and about how zombies are taking over the city and a group of friends try to save themselves from becoming zombies. It stars Simon Pegg (Hott Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, british tv show 'Spaced) and it is terribly entertaining. There are many f-bombs dropped, but it is said with a british accent, so it actually sounds refined.

Aliens--If this show is on any channel, at any time, anywhere...Brodi will be watching. Because of her ability to track down every and all showings of Alienns, I have seen enough bits of pieces of this show from walking in on her watching it, that I have probably seen it 10 times. This is a classic build up the suspense movie and it is terrific.

28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later--For 28 Days, it was just for the emptiness of seeing a deserted London, that was creepy enough. I loved, loved the first 45 minutes of the movie. I liked the next 20 minutes. I didn't care much for the final 25 minutes. But overall, still worth the viewing. For 28 Weeks Later, the first 10 minutes are absolutely fantastic.

Watcher in the Woods--I still harbor ill feelings toward my parents for letting me watch this 'wet your pants 'cause your so stinkin' freaked out' movie. I was under the age of 10 and this flick just gave me the chills. I haven't seen it since and I refuse to watch it again.

Scream--This really changed the horror genre. Much more clever than a lot of the other movies that were out there at the time. Pretty intense as well. The way that the movie used Drew Barrymore was fantastic and it reignited her career and made it a much talked about way to handle big names in a movie.

The Hitcher--Not the 2007 crapfest, but the early 1990s genius Rutger Hauer version. This movie was simply about a kid that picked up the wrong hitchhiker. Watching this movie will GUARANTEE that you will never pick up a creepy trenchcoat wearing mid-40s guy late on rainy night. Rutger spends the entire movie killing and terrorizing people and especially the guy that picked him up. The ending is intense and inappropriate.

So, there you go...there is the list. If you have any to add, let me know.


Shellie said...

I love shaun of the dead and hot fuzz!

The Dennis Ashton Family said...

Can I just say that we shouldn't be admitting to seeing any of these movies? The only reason I watch Aliens over and over is because it is so bloody scary, I'm trying to desensitize myself. And as for Watcher in the Woods, just because it has a Disney label, it doesn't mean it's okay to show your toddlers! (Like every parent in the eighties did, thereby freaking out an entire generation!) I agree with Sam, I still won't watch it.

jamkmb said...

Amen on Watcher in the Woods - I will NEVER see that again. Somebody had the bright idea when we were kids to show it as part of a double feature with Swiss Family Robinson... Man were we glad when Swiss Family started up!