Friday, October 24, 2008

If they played a basketball game and nobody was there...

We took the kids up to the Ute scrimmage this past Thursday. Every year they have a 'meet the team' night where the players usually scrimmage, they usually do a three-point contest and a dunk contest. This year was different. They got rid of all of that and just played a scrimmage. It was actually quite a bit of fun. There were not a whole lot of fans there (probably around 1500 or so), but it was fun to check out the latest version of the Utes. The team has a great schedule (they play LSU, Gonzaga, Oregon, Cal, Oklahoma) so it should be a tough year but the Utes could be solid.

Not to go all sports geek on everyone, but I like the rotation. They have some very nice size in Nevill and Tillie (could truly have a breakout year this year) and Green. They have some nice talent in the swing guards with Drca, Bohra and Carlon Brown. It will be interesting to see if Kepkay can do anyting this year at the point. We'll see how the season goes.

Carter and Beckham had a great time. Carter ran all the way around the arena, 6 times. Yes, 6 times. He would run for a few sections, stop and look for us, then wave and then continue his run all the way around. Beckham was just busy putting the seats up and down, drinking his bottle, chasing Carter for a while and just sitting there clapping.

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