Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pets and our House

It appears that we will be a pet-less family for many years to come. Our latest effort was to avoid allergies, hopefully, by getting a hairless cat. Cute little Smokey. We loved Smokey...but we had to get rid of him due to Brodi and myself becoming overcome with watery itchy eyes and stuffed up noses. Oh well.

With that said, our boys love dogs and cats. Beckham, in particular, cannot get enough of Hank, Renan and Amy's dog from across the street. He wants to chase him. He wants to pull his tail. He wants to climb on top and ride Hank like a horse. What is funny is that Beckham is allergic to close to just about everything imaginable...except for dogs and cats. Who woulda thunk that? Anyway, the picture at the left is of Beckham with Hank and Zoe.


Cam Ballou said...

I am glad you came to your senses about the hairless cat....I won't say I told you so :)

Janae said...

I am sure the Jefferies wouldn't mind if Beckham considered Hank his dog. Graice thinks her grandparents dog is hers. It is great, she loves it and plays with it and I don't have the responsibilities:)

Amy said...

I would be more than happy to share in the responsibility of Hank. I have a backyard just waiting for your shoveling expertise.By the way, when are you coming home, the other guy that Brodi has been hanging out with is not nearly as nice as you.

samandbrodi said...

Amy--so not even funny...but I will say, if he is gone when I get back, then all is well.