Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Protecting you from yourself

So its late at night and you are just about to send an email from your gmail account. There may be a problem though:
  • It is so late and you are so tired, that you are just plain goofy right now.
  • You have been up with the kids and can't think straight.
  • You are loaded up on so much caffeine that you are jittery and speaking jibberish.
  • You are so drunk on Near-beer that you are just a mess
So, what do you do? You have composed this email in your goofy state and it is an email that you just should not send because you are not coherent. Well, Google with its Gmail has the answer. Now, you can protect yourself from sending embarrassing emails in a state of craziness.

You can set your gmail account at a specific time (every Friday night from 11pm to Saturday morning at 3am) so if you ever try and send an email during that timeframe, a 'test' comes on your screen. You now have to pass the test and answer that you are really ready to send that email off. Gmail is protecting you from being an idiot. Maybe this will protect me from all of the HILLARIOUS email forwards that I send off every Saturday morning at 1am. Life just become good again and gmail just saved me from my idiot-ness.

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