Saturday, July 19, 2008

THIS is how we ride

We picked up our car in South Carolina from our car rental place. I think they must have confused who I was--I am not a Pimp or a Mafia guy or an 80-year old man, yet they still gave us the beautiful silver Grand Marquis.

Seriously, this car is awesome. Trunk space that would make you the envy of anyone who wants to live in their car and use the trunk to store a gazillion interior that screams 1970s with nondescript updates (a cd player update on what used to be an 8-track tape player, etc.)...and a sex appeal like no other car. I have grown fond of this car and I dread having to give it up. I would buy one but I think they only make these cars for 30+ year olds who rent from Avis--just so people can laugh at us.


Amy said...

I needed a good laugh. Thanks for that.By the way, we had a Sunday night neighborhood hang out on your front lawn. People would walk by and ask where you guys were and we told them that you moved. It seems like you have been gone for years. Hurry back, your lawn is dying and your flowers have been eaten by snails.

samandbrodi said...

No worries, we had already put money aside to pay for new sod as well as new flowers for after this trip. Hopefully our rotten apples will poison all the snails...