Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Thoughts Tuesday

You know its hot when our country manager from Pakistan was in town a few days ago and he remarks 'Wow, its really hot, isn't it?' This from a man that lives in Lahore, Pakistan where the average temp in the summer is 120 degrees at 70% humidity.

Did you know that NBA players who on average, make $5 million a year, get a per diem on road trips? Yes, that is right. Kevin Garnett makes $23 million a year to play basketball, but when he gets off the team bus in Atlanta, he is handed an envelope of cash at $106 a day for food and incidentals. It is comforting to know that these players can have their $10 meal at Dennys covered with per diems.

I remember being in high school and gas prices were under a $1. Now we are over $4. That is some pretty depressing stuff.

I saw a home for sale listing on craigslist the other day that had this line in it: "This home is Voted # 1 in the area by all the neighbors. This will go fast." Interesting--mythical rankings of homes in an area. I can just see the realtor going home to home saying, 'So, which home would you rank as the #1 home in the neighborhood?' I can see all of the homeowners meeting monthly and ranking each home in the area...'sorry Jim, your house fell a couple of spots because Steve updated his basement playroom and Phil added a nice patio in the back. Buy a new appliance and it should vault your home back into the top 5.'

I have no idea how more people are not killed or injured lighting off fireworks during the 4th of July. Seriously.

I have enough steak in my freezer and refrigerator to last a normal family of 5 about 3 months. For me, it will last a couple of weeks. At most. I could eat bone-in ribeye steak for every meal.

I went out and played tennis the other day with a friend of mine, Brandon. He is really, really good. It was rather discouraging though to realize how little I play tennis nowadays considering that I used to play 15 hours of tennis a week for about 10 years of my life. I am rusty and out of shape but it is good to be back on the court again.


Molly said...
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Molly said...

Hey, don't knock the NBA per diem. When my Dad travels with the Jazz during the preseason and playoffs, he gets a per diem that he brings home at the end of the trip in a big envelope. It makes my Mom very, very happy. :)