Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Tennis Stars

A couple of weeks, Brodi was talked into playing doubles in a local tennis tournament. Though she played all growing up, she hasn't played much over the past couple of years so when her friend, Alissa, signed them up for a tourney, she was excited to do it.

Let me set the stage...match began at 9am at Liberty Park. It was already around 80 degrees. Their opponents had played for years together and were playing often. Brodi and Alissa had not played together and hadn't played much tennis recently. So, what happened? An EPIC tennis match.

The ball went back and forth...grunts, power shots, beautiful volleys, terrific groundstrokes. Alissa's husband Brandon and I sat back amazed, in the blistering heat, as neither side was ready to give up.

3 hours later. That is not a misprint. 3 hours later, the match concluded. Brodi and Alissa had fallen by a score of 6-4, 5-7, 7-6. It was 90 degrees by the end of the match. Let me tell you, Brandon and I were exhausted from the tension and the heckeling that we directed at the other team. Just kidding. They will live on to fight another day and this match will be remembered by the countless fans watching (and by countless, I mean, myself, Brandon and their 4 boys and Brodi's parents) as a fabulous struggle of good vs. evil. Though the good lost the battle that day, they will be back to conquer.

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Where? said...

I did it! I made the blog! Can I print this for my parents? You are too nice Sam. Brandon's still mad at me for losing match point! Sheesh. Brodi and I will make our come back at the "7 Buck Fun" tennis tournament in August. It's at Olympus Hills courts. You and Bro should REALLY consider playing mixed for that one!