Monday, July 14, 2008

How many toys does it take to fill up an entire basement floor? A LOT!

A few days ago, Carter and his cousin Necie were playing downstairs in our basement. They seemed to be having fun and finally, Carter came upstairs and said 'Daddy, come down and see what we have done.'

Those seem like sweet words and a naive father would think 'oh cute, I bet my wonderful boy and my adorable niece have cleaned the bathroom for me and want to show me' or 'Those two cute little rascals probably scrubbed the floor downstairs' or 'I love those kids and I bet they put the bags of salt in the soft water unit.' Those are things that would have been awesome. Instead, when your boy says "Daddy, come down and see what we have done", he means "hey daddy, we did something crazy, now come and look." And yes, they did do something crazy...they took out just about every single toy in our basement and filled the basement with these toys all over the floor. Put two 5-year olds in a basement together and you get nuttin' but trouble.

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Amy said...

That is adorable. I love that child!